TSE3455T - 11kg SET

The Gold standard mold making grade for Jewellery industry


Momentive TSE3455T is a two-component, addition cure liquid silicone rubber designed for mold making. TSE3455T cures at room temperature to a translucent high strength elastic rubber with the addition of curing agents.

Momentive TSE3455T is the top selling brand for mold making in the jewellery industry.

• Excellent molding durability to wax, epoxy resin and polyurethane
• Excellent release ability
• Low viscosity
• Excellent tear and tensile strength
• Low shrinkage (room temperature cure)

• Mold making for Jewellery manufacturing
• Prototype mold making for electric & electronics industry such as TVs, Home appliances, mobile phones, copy machines etc
• Prototype mold making for automotive industry such as console boxes, radiator grilles, lamp housings etc.

Please refer to the Technical Datasheet for more product details.