Soudabond 642 Duo (600ml) 2K CRTG

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Soudabond 642 DUO is a 2-component construction adhesive based on polyurethane for bonding corner pieces in aluminum window profiles by post-injection (injection after assembly).


  •  Fast curing, independent of moisture
  • Excellent adhesion on aluminum
  • Very fast strength build-up.
  • Very high final strength
  • Free of solvents and water
  • Foaming penetration action to fill bond cavities
  • Does not shrink
  • Weatherproof


  • For bonding angle pieces in extrudedaluminium window profiles by means of post-injection (injection after assembly), but pre-injection (injection before assembly) is also possible.
  • Bonding of various metals
  • Firm bonding of the most varying material combinations such as wood, metal, plastic,
    stone, etc.