Momentive RTV11 silicone rubber compound is a general purpose two-part silicone elastomer. It is supplied ready to use with a base compound and DBT(dibutyl tin dilaurate) as the standard curing agent.


  • Room temperature cure. Composition free of solvents and solvent odour
  • FDA compliance – RTV11 can be used in food contact applications other than with acidic foods where FDA regulations apply
  • Excellent release properties
  • Excellent adhesion capabilities with primer
  • Retention of elastomeric properties at temperatures from -54 degrees C to up to 204 degrees C continuously, and up to 260 degrees C for short periods of time


  • Potting and encapsulation of electrical coils and connectors
  • Making cast-in-place gaskets and molds
  • Release applications such as providing a surface on metals and fabrics from which paints and adhesives can be easily stripped

Please refer to the Technical datasheet for more information on Momentive RTV11