TSE3032 - 16.5kg KIT

100% Transparent potting grade for Electrical, Electronic and LED lighting applications

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Momentive TSE3032 is a two-component, low viscosity, transparent silicone rubber designed for electrical and electronic potting. The product cures at room temperature or by low temperature heat to a transparent elastic rubber with the addition of curing agents.

Key Features and Typical Benefits:
• Low viscosity, therefore excellent for potting applications where visibility is required
• Transparent appearance
• Cure rate can be accelerated by heat
• No reactive by-products
• Excellent resistance to temperature extremes

Potential Applications:
• Waterproofing LED light fixtures
• Potting of electronics parts requiring resistance to temperature extremes
• Potting of high voltage parts
• Moisture-proof coating of electronic circuit boards
• Potting of various modules

For more details on TSE3032, please refer to the Technical datasheet.