SS4004P (500ml/423gm) Primer

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Momentive SS4004P, SS4044P, SS4120, and SS4155 silicone primers are used with Momentive Silicones two-component RTV silicone rubber compounds when an adhesive bond is required between the silicone rubber compound and a non-silicone surface. All primers are one component products and are supplied ready to use as pourable solvent solution.


  • One component – no mixing
  • Simple handling procedures and equipment for easy use and low processing cost
  • Bright pink colour of SS4004P primer and blue colour of SS4155 primer permit easy visual determination of uniform films.
  • Transparency of SS4120 primer preserves visibility with colourless RTV615, RTV655, RTV6156, RTV6157, RTV6166, RTV6166, RTV6186, and RTV6196 products.

As indicated in the 'primer recommendation table', Momentive Silicones primers are recommended for use with specific two-component RTV silicone rubber compounds.
The primers may be used to bond these silicone products to metals (such as aluminium, copper, steel, and stainless steel), ceramics, glass, some rigid plastics and wood.

For more information regarding Momentive SS4004P, SS4044P, SS4120 and SS4155 please refer to the datasheet.