TIS420C Thermal Conductive Gap Filler (333ml-1.05kg) CRTG

Provides High Thermal conductivity of 4.2 W/m.k

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Momentive TIS420C thermally conductive Gap Filler is a non-slumping, dispensable material that can be applied to gaps to create a heat path. This non-adhesive curing type Thermal Interface Material will form a soft, stress absorbing thermal interface.
In additon to filling gaps in electronic components, it can be applied to flat or high-profile 3-dimentional surfaces as a cure-in-place thermal pad or as a pumpout resistant alternative to greases.


  • High Thermal conductivity of 4.2 W/m.k
  • Fast, low temperature cure
  • Helps provide stress relief during thermal cycling
  • Will conform to complex 3 dimensional design.
  • It is a non-adhesive, therefore it iseasily  repairable